Left: Matthias Nonn, born June 9, 1961, high school diploma, German Army, training in his own company, master school, then managing director of Diesel-Nonn GmbH & Co. KG and M.u.S. Nonn GmbH.

Right: Stefan Nonn, born September 3rd, 1963, high school diploma, training in his own company, master school, then managing director of Diesel-Nonn GmbH & Co. KG and managing director of M.u.S. Nonn GmbH

Our Porsche passion began in 1986 and 1988, at which time we purchased our first Porsche vehicles and then modified them more and more. These were the 930 turbo models from the years 1980 and 1985.

The then impressive output of 300 hp was quickly no longer sufficient and extensive renovation work was carried out. The original Porsche performance upgrade with an enlarged turbocharger, an enlarged intercooler, modified intake paths, modified injection valves and a modified four-pipe exhaust system was installed on both vehicles and both engines were also overhauled.

The experience gained during the conversion is of benefit to us today, as we offer corresponding performance improvements for the Turbo 1 generation, see services. After the performance increase, the optimization of the chassis began with modified stabilizers, modified shock absorbers and lowering. Of course, welded Fuchs rims with a rim width of up to 10" were also used on the rear axle.

Then, much to the chagrin of the life partners, the power-to-weight ratio was improved through radical weight reduction, i.e. elimination of air conditioning, insulation material, seats, exhaust, etc. The road racing car was completed with the installation of a roll cage and Recaro racing seats. The Nomex fabric of the seats was unbeatable for comfort, especially at high temperatures. Our “Anton” project today shows the vehicle as our turbos were configured back then.

This time of our first experiences in dealing with these vehicles, which are not entirely uncritical to drive, had a decisive influence on us and is the reason for our great love for the original vehicles without electronic helpers. We were taught how to control the turbos at their limits through safety training courses at the time (now track days) in many ways by experienced instructors. Not to be forgotten are the instructors from the Porsche Sport Driving School and especially our friend Olaf Lang, who supported and taught us significantly and will always be remembered by us.

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